Course Description


Google AdSense is most reputed Ad programs for bloggers & webmasters around the globe.

Even with the growth of Ad blocker, this program itself is responsible for numerous individuals to live a boss free life with the help of their blog & website.

Here are some of the reasons why you should learn everything about AdSense:

  • A reputed Ad program that pays in time.
  • Recurring income ensures you can try other avenue of making money from blog.
  • Million other bloggers around the globe relies on AdSense for their living.
  • After initial setup, you just need to focus on traffic & smart content (Taught in this course) to keep making more money with AdSense.

For anyone who wish to make a career online with their blog, AdSense is the right way to get started.

Who is it for?

ShoutUniversity Google AdSense training course is for anyone with no skills in blogging & making money online to anyone with intermediate skills.

Personally, I have created this course by keeping users of every level in mind. A beginner can start by learning the basics of AdSense & tricks to help them get AdSense approval.

Our support system will help you understand what's wrong & how you can improve your chances to get approval.

Learn the tricks of Google AdSense optimization to grow from earning nothing to hundreds of dollar with little extra work.

Our AdSense training course is created with the help of text + videos that enables you to learn A-Z of Google AdSense.

Why Google AdSense Course?

Lorem The biggest struggle a blogger face when starting their online career is getting started with AdSense.

Getting AdSense approval is just the tip of the iceberg as there are lot of things you need to know in order to:

  • Prevent your AdSense account from getting banned
  • Understanding how AdSense eco-system works
  • Secrets that only pro bloggers knows to earn handsomely with Google AdSense
  • Placing AdSense ads in a way that it generates maximum revenue without you getting banned
  • Community of like minded users who are sharing their learning & tricks of AdSense

With ShoutUniversity AdSense course, you learn everything at one place. This is your investment which would help you earn more in time to come.

CEO, ShoutDreams, INC.

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has been involved in the online marketing space for more than half a decade. He is popularly known as blog scientist for his award-winning Blog As a professional blogger, Harsh has the opportunity to work directly with numerous brands since 2008. He has been a star blogger generating millions in revenue for numerous online companies. He also consult brands with their affiliate program strategies & helped numerous individuals & startup with growth hacking. His superpower is his passion for blogging & interest in understanding customer psychology. ShoutUniversity is his brand child to share his hard earned knowledge to those who wish to live a boss free life. This course contains everything a beginner needs to excel in the field of blogging & WordPress.The course is carefully structured to help beginners to learn the basics of WordPress & blogging. At the same time, it has everything an intermediate users need to turn their blog into a successful business to live a boss free life. With this motto, ShoutUniversity has been helping numerous individuals & progressive mind like you to make a career online.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Google AdSense Course

    • Chapter Introdution

    • What The Heck Is Google AdSense?

    • Micro-Niche Blogging

    • Things To Know Before Signing Up For AdSense

    • How To Sign Up For AdSense And Get Approved

    • How To Create & Add AdSense Ad Unit

    • What is URL Channels in AdSense & How To Use It

    • Maximum Number Of AdSense Units

    • Tips For Increasing Your AdSense Revenue

    • A Secret To Earning $50 Per Click From Google AdSense

    • AdSense secret for generating high CPC Keyword

    • Life Without And After AdSense